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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

CBSE 2014: Special initiatives for Special category candidates of Class 10 and 12

Exams are difficult for all students, but even more for those falling under 'special category' such as Visually Impaired, Dyslexic, Hearing Impaired/ Dumb, Physically Handicapped, Spastic and Autistic candidates. 

 Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), understanding the importance of education for all students, has taken special initiatives to make the examinations as convenient as possible for the differently abled, while still retaining the original syllabus, paper pattern and difficulty levels. 

                                   CBSE Special category candidates


1. Subject choice:
Special category students are exempted from studying a third language up to Class 8, and can choose one language and any four electives at Secondary School level. Electives available are: Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Another Language, Music, Painting, Home Science, Foundation of Information Technology, Commerce (Elements of Commerce) and Commerce (Elements of Book Keeping and Accountancy).

2. Scribe:
Special category students have permission to opt for a scribe during examinations free of cost. The scribe will be selected by Centre Superintendent of the Examination Centre and must be a student of a class lower than the candidate taking the exam. The scribe will be given remuneration from the Board of Rs 100 per day.

3. Extra time during exam:
Students from the special category appearing for Class 10 or Class 12 examination will receive extra time to complete their exam; 60 extra minutes for a paper of 3 hours duration, 50 extra minutes for a paper of 2 ½ hours duration, 40 extra minutes for a paper of 2 hours duration and 30 extra minutes for a paper of 1 ½ hours duration.

4. Alternative question paper:
Question papers are also available in Braille, large print and choice of questions in place of visual based questions (example maps) are also provided for special category students.

5. Special exam centres:
Candidates of special category can avail separate exam centres with provisions of easy access and flexible seating arrangements. Invigilators at the different exam centres are given extra training.

6. Informed regional centres:
The answer sheets of the special category students include their specific condition and are sent to checking centres accordingly.

A total of 3180 special category candidates are attempting the Class 10 exams, with 452 Visually Impaired, 788 Dyslexic, 232 Hearing Impaired/Dumb, 1527 Physically Handicapped, 161 Spastic and 20 Autistic. For the Class 12 exams, 2453 special category candidates are registered, with 388 Visually Impaired, 452 Dyslexic, 167 Hearing Impaired/Dumb, 1308 Physically Handicapped, 128 Spastic and 10 Autistic.

Source : India Today Education , 3rd March 2014

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