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Monday, 11 August 2014

NCE stands up for rights of physically challenged

The National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan has developed a list of changes that are necessary to make in the draft law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On making amendments and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on rights of physically challenged people.” Rights of people with disabilities in the entrepreneurship are in the focus.

So, following measures to encourage the participation of business in support of persons with disabilities have been proposed during the meeting  of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs: reimbursement for job creation, which are provided for the employment of persons with disabilities; providing subsidies for wages, which make up the difference in labor productivity of persons with disabilities; providing additional subsidies for the conversion of jobs and after the training; providing subsidies to encourage employers to retain disabled jobs.

"In addition, the member of the NCE Presidium, Chairman of the Committee of social sphere and social partnership noted that it was time to modernize the specialized enterprises. In this regard, it is necessary to work out a program of development of such enterprises, which will contribute to solve the problems of the disabled," informs.

Source : kazakhstan 2050 , 9th August 2014

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