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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Women quota in sleeper coaches hiked

As announced in the Railway Budget, railway administration has decided to increase the quota of women in sleeper coaches of the trains. However, quota in other classes of trains including AC-III and AC-II has not been increased. Moreover, instructions have also been issued to TTEs to allocate lower berths to senior citizens and pregnant women during train journey. In this connection, Railway Board has written letters to all the zonal railways including North Central Railway.

Director, Traffic Commercial (G) in the Railway Board S K Ahirwar has written letters to all the chief commercial managers of zonal railways, including North Central Railway. The number of the letter is 2007/TG-1/20/P/Pt-II dated March 13, 2015.

The letter states that the existing combined quota of two berths per coach in sleeper class for women, senior citizens and pregnant women should be increased to four berths per coach in the sleeper class. However, there will be no change in the quota being earmarked for AC-II and AC-III class of the train.

Two berths per coach have been reserved for senior citizens, women passengers and pregnant women in sleeper, AC-III class and AC-II tier class of the trains from April 18, 2007 onwards. However, this time the quota of these categories of passengers has been increased from two to four only in the sleeper class while quota in the AC-III and AC-II class has been left untouched.

Moreover, the on-board ticket checking staff has been authorized to allocate vacant lower berths available in the train to senior citizens, physically handicapped persons and pregnant women (who have been allotted middle/upper) berths, on approach, on first come first served basis after making necessary entry in the chart.

However, the existing reservation quota of six berths for female passengers being earmarked in long distance mail/express train should be in the middle of the coach.

Source: TOI , 21st March 2015 

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