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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Special scheme Announced in Kerala state

In recent times, the central and state governments of India started to provide various welfare schemes and plans for the handicapped people who are about to be called as Physically challenged people. In order to boost their confidence level and to provide necessary help for those people to make them to live normal life several welfare schemes are introduced by both central and as well as the state government.

Recently, the state government of Kerala hinted about launching special scheme for the physically challenged people in the state. The scheme will be the useful for those people to live their life just like the ordinary people does.

Special scheme Announced in Kerala state
Few days ago, the state government of Kerala announced that it’s going to introduce a new scheme which will improve living standards of the state physically challenged people. This new scheme will be implemented along with the involvement of the state employment department. The scheme is about to provide various training and skill development activities by which the beneficiaries would able to learn and improve their strengths and with their strengths they can find relevant jobs.
Also the scheme is mainly focused on providing suitable employment opportunity to those physically challenged people of the Kerala state. The scheme, which going to hit the floor in near future along with the involvement of state employment department, is about to teach the beneficiaries of the hot skills and necessary trainings in such a way to grab the available jobs opportunities for physically challenged peoples.
Key Points about the upcoming new scheme for physically challenged people in Kerala

  • As per the data released by the state government officials the upcoming special scheme for the physically challenged people will be beneficial for around 80K peoples of the Kerala state.
  • Under this upcoming scheme, the respective governance body will provide efficient guidance and training to the rightful beneficiaries of the scheme. The guidance would be focused in such a way that it should develop their skills which are required to grab the jobs in the society.
  • In addition to those training and career guidance, the scheme will assistance disabled people who are interested in taking competitive exams. For such people, appropriate coaching will be provided under the professional guidance.
  • For people who are interested in starting their own businesses will be offered rightful assistance by the state government of the Kerala in such a way that they can be easily step in to the startups.
  • In this new scheme, the rightful candidature will be chosen to appropriate training from the physically challenged people based on their skills, Interest, educational qualification and any other experiences which they posses.
  • The state government along with the employment department will provide enough financial assistance to the physically challenged people to start the entrepreneurship, by training them with sufficient soft skills and industrial training program.
The announcement about this new scheme came from the state governor P. Sathasivam while addressing at the other welfare scheme press meet, during his speech he added that the state government will do all the necessary things for the disabled people to get shine in their career.

Source : PM Awas Yojna , 16th Feb 2017 

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