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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Bukhari calls Khan ' a blot on the community'

  In a tit for tat, Imam of Jama masjid, Delhi, Syed Ahmed Bukhari  termed SP’s Muslim mascot Azam Khan as a `blot on the community’ and demanded his dismissal from the state cabinet. Earlier this week, Khan had described Bukhari as an `RSS agent’ and also questioned the marriage of the Imam’s son with a Hindu girl.

Khan in his inimitable style had claimed that if his son had married a Hindu girl, it would have created a political storm. “The RSS was silent about Bukhari’s son marrying a Hindu girl and did not see a Love Jihad in Bukhari’s son’s marriage,” he had said. 

Returning the diatribe, Bukhari wrote to SP chief  Mulayam Singh Yadav and Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav alleging that Muslims had no say in the UP government only because of Azam Khan who is a blot on the community and demanded his dismissal from the cabinet.

Bukhari also targeted Khan’s wife - a Rajya Sabha MP and Munawwar Salim, also Rajya Sabha MP, who is physically challenged and a protégé of Azam Khan. He queried, ``Is it the destiny of Muslims where an arrogant minister, his maid and handicapped persons are representatives of the Muslims’’.

Bukhari opined that the Samajwadi Party will face dire consequences in the 2017 Assembly polls if Azam Khan was not expelled from the cabinet and the party.  ``Resentment among the Muslims against Khan and the SP government is growing by leaps and bounds. The Muslims have already expressed their anger against the SP government by voting against them during the Panchyat elections.’’ He went on to add that leaders like Azam Khan have used politics for personal benefits by exploiting and fanning Hindu-Muslim fault lines.

Source: The Pioneer, 27th Nov 2015

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