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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Qatar Chamber Signs Agreement on Employing People with Disabilities

HE Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani, Chairman of Qatar Chamber, said that the signing of the agreement comes out of the role of the Chamber in the field of social responsibility, and its commitment to supporting all efforts to take advantage of the potential capabilities of people with special needs, as positive energy.He explained that this segment if properly exploit their potential and take advantage of them, they are momentum and support the human energy within the community, the energies that represent the most prominent and most important element in the economic system and advancing racial capital and natural resources, as the most important by the realized development component.

He pointed out that people with special needs an important segment of society, and to deal with them needs to specialized people take the initiative employing this category and their integration in the society, adding that "we will organize meetings between the Chamber and Committee volunteer to employ people with disabilities and the private companies at the beginning of next year to discuss ways to integrate this segment ".For his part, praised Mr. Khalid bin Said Al Shuaibi, head volunteer Committee for Employment of People with Disabilities, the response of Qatar rapid and effective room with members of the Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities, indicating that people with special needs, representing a large segment in Qatar, whether they are citizens or residents who represent a vital part of the community and any initiative or contribution to employment is a response to the religion of the State of Qatar and an additional step towards the integration of this segment in the Qatari society. He expressed the hope that this agreement will be the nucleus of a good initiative in the recruitment of people with special needs "where the Convention represents the beginning of a partnership with the room and cover the task of recruiting and training and rehabilitation of people with special needs," stressing that this agreement represents a big leap for people with special needs because it will facilitate the task of employment in the big companies.Shuaibi said that "there are a number of people with special needs are waiting to get a job", pointing out that the main objective of the special needs of employment do not get as much money as it is to try to integrate more in the community.He pointed out that the volunteer committee began its activity in 2008, and it seeks to employ people with disabilities in the public and private institutions, at the Amiri decree required the government sector employs 2% of people with disabilities.

 For his part, Mr. Saleh Hamad Al Sharqi Acting Director General Chamber of Qatar, that the latter will provide training to all training activities to serve all the needs of the users free of department, it will be agreement on all training a ctivities needed by the Associates of the Commission to be configured and rehabilitation of people with special business needs, as will be organized bilateral meetings between the Chamber and national companies to urge the latter to employ this category of society.Eastern and pointed to the existence of contacts with a number of companies on the employment of people with special needs, "With this agreement, we will enter the implementation phase of the project, and will reach out with the companies in this regard."And about the readiness of corporate headquarters for the reception staff with special needs and the allocation of parking them and facilitate access to buildings, the east said that it is natural that the any company to accept employment of this segment of society by creating its own building and provide them with all necessary for their arrival facilities to their place of work.He pointed out that Qatar Chamber took the initiative to accept a second employee with special needs, which reflects its commitment to support this segment of society, to be hiring more from this category in the future.

Note : Above is the automatic translated version of Arabic

 Source : Qatar  News Agency , 26th Dec 2015 

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