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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Shivraj plays teacher, announces 'higher edu fund' for poor kids - BHOPAL

In a candid mood, Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Wednesday played a primary teacher at a remote school of Raisen district while launching ambitious 'School Chalen Hum' campaign.

Chouhan also announced to constitute a 'higher education assistance fund' for brilliant students of poor sections of society, irrespective of their caste and creed.

Away from the reservation politics, the chief minister opened the day by ringing school bell and scribbled a few sums on the blackboard, seeking answers from the students. He also performed the role of a guardian by encouraging children to attend school for their bright future. He narrated them some inspiring stories of Dronacharya and Mahatma Gandhi.

"We are here to support the excellence and will constitute a higher education assistance fund to provide financial aid of all sorts to the meritorious students of all castes for admission in IITs, IIMs, medical and engineering colleges," said Chouhan while addressing a gathering in village Silwani. The chief minister also distributed text books, school bags and chocolates to the children, assuring that those who attend school in far-flung villages will be given bicycles and the financial aid for their school uniform will be deposited in their parents' bank accounts.

He also called upon the villagers to enhance enrolment in government schools, assuring that the state would pay children's fee. "I will ensure that no children remain uneducated because of paucity of funds. The government will help them get bank loan and the money would be returned without any interest once they get the job," said Chouhan. On the state-wide 'School Chalen Hum' campaign, the chief minister said the school education department has drawn a four-phase campaign to motivate children and sensitize their parents on the importance of education in order to enhance enrolments in government schools.

"Every child must go to school and government has roped in responsible citizens and social workers as motivators to bring the children to the school," he said. "I wish that students of my state should shine in the entire world. People used to say that these children are not voters then why he is focusing on them? I told them these children are not voters, but future of the country," he added.

Praising efforts, the CM said the result of government schools this year was 57% against 49% of private schools. "The exam results have also shown an increase in quality education in government schools," he said. The chief minister announced that government will distribute 17,000 laptops to meritorious students of class 12 of previous and current year.

Meanwhile, a class 3 student, Sumit Thakur, handed him over a letter which stated that his parents are no more and he is being looked after by his poor grandmother. Moved by his plight, Chouhan said the government will take care of Sumit and directed the district collector to ensure that the child is being taken care of all his requirements.

The chief minister also distributed tri-cycles and wheelchairs to the physically challenged students.

Source : TOI , 16th June 2016

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