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Sunday, 19 June 2016

When ‘Prabhu’ comes to aid of train passengers

It's middle of the night you are on board a train and your child falls sick or gets bruised while playing or you require milk for your infant and train doesn't have a pantry car, or the ticketing window at Ludhiana railway station hasn't opened even after the scheduled timings, or your disabled father-in-law requires help to alight from the train at Jalandhar. Don't panic and instead of remembering the lord, tweet Prabhu and you will see the help arriving even during the most unbelievable situations.

India's railway minister Suresh Prabhu and his team of general managers (GM) and divisional railway managers (DRM) concerned are making it possible for the passengers to face the odd situations by resolving their issues within minutes and even going out of the way to help them.

Narrating such an incident, Bibhutti Shrivastava, an IT professional from Delhi, while on board Shrishakti Express bound for Katra, faced a panic situation when late night his only son Aradhya fell down from the upper birth while playing and started bleeding from the back of his head.

Jittery, Shrivastava who was thinking to cut short his journey and alight at the next station with the boy, thought of taking a chance and sent a tweet to the railway minister and Indian railways. Within minutes, he got a call from office of DRM, Firozepur and when the train reached Ludhiana railway station a medical team comprising of doctors and nursing staff rushed to the seat of Shrivastava and treated his son. What's more the train which was scheduled to stop for 10 minutes didn't leave until the medical procedure was completed on the kid.

Recalling that day, Shrivastava says, "How will one react when his only kid and that too who is just 6 years old gets injured in the middle of nowhere. I still can't stop thinking about that harrowing night, but luckily for me the Railways acted in time and my son got the treatment. I will be indebted to them for the wonderful work done by the department."

In another case, Indore-based businessman Gagandeep Singh, who was travelling to Jalandhar with his physically challenged father-in-law, came to know that the train has a five-minute halt at Jalandhar, he tweeted his concern to the Indian Railways and to his utter surprise, the staff with wheelchair boarded his coach the moment train halted at Jalandhar and his father-in-law was helped to de-board from train.

Majority of the complaints received via Twitter are related to medical emergencies, lost baggage, unhygienic conditions in train or at stations, malfunctioning of the ac in the coach and dirty linen.

Anuj Parkash, DRM, Firozepur, said, "We have an effective system in place wherein we respond to the complaints within minimum possible time depending upon the urgency and nature of complaint."

Recently action was taken on a Ludhiana-based ticketing agent when a complaint of overcharging was received against him on Twitter and the work of installing coach guidance system at Ludhiana has also been started after locals complained about it on Twitter to the Railways.

Source : TOI , 19th June 2016 

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