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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Sri Lanka to put in place facilities for physically challenged tourists

Sri Lanka’s Tourism Ministry on Friday said it would put in place all basic facilities for physically challenged people to visit the island nation.

Sri Lanka’s Tourism Minister, John Amaratunga said in a statement that with this year’s theme being: `Tourism for all promoting universal accessibility,’ it was the right time for the government to plan ahead.

Amaratunga, however, said that planning ahead will make Sri Lanka a success story in providing accessibility to all in this part of the world.

“It is of greater relevance to us here in Sri Lanka as we are now on the cusp of rapid growth in both tourism infrastructure development and hotel inventory.

“We need to start by facilitating our own physically challenged people who are eager to explore their motherland, but hesitate to do so due to inadequate facilities,’’ he stressed.

Amaratunga emphasised that Sri Lanka was obligated to put in place the basic facilities needed to ensure both the safety and comfort of physically challenged people.

Source : Sundiata Post , 30th Sep 2016 

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