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Friday, 11 September 2015

New production facility for prosthetics under 'Make in India' initiative Distribution of assistive AIDS and Appliances for Persons with Disabilities

New production facility for prosthetics under 'Make in India' initiative

Distribution of assistive AIDS and Appliances for Persons with Disabilities

Minister for Social justice and Empowerment Shri Thaawar Chand Gehlot inaugurated the new production facility for producing affordable State- Of- Art lower limb prosthetic systems at Kanpur today. Estimated cost of this project is Rs.6 Crores.

It is to be noted that, under the 'Make In India' initiative of the Prime Minister, Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation of India (ALIMCO) working under the aegis of Department Of Empowerment Of Person with Disability (DEPwD), Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment (MoSJE), inked the Transfer of Technology (ToT) and Technical & Consultancy Services agreement with multinational company Ottobock for mass manufacturing of new generation Lower limb prosthetic systems for PwDs (Persons with Disabilities) in the country at affordable price. With this new production unit ALIMCO will be able to produce technologically advanced prosthetic system which will improve the independence and mobility of lower limbs amputees from all section of society in the country.

In the continuous spree of providing free of cost distribution of Assistive Aids and Appliances to the Persons with Disabilities, Kanpur based Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation of India (ALIMCO), conducted another successful camp at Kanpur Dehat District (on the border of Kanpur). The Union Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment Shri Thaawar Chand Gehlot, distributed artificial limbs and aids to 692 pre-identified beneficiaries with different kind of disabilities. They were provided aids and assistive devices, prosthetics, valuing over Rs. 60 Lakhs under the ADIP scheme of the Government in the camp. These beneficiaries were pre-identified during the assessment camps conducted last month in August this year.

20 specially indentified beneficiaries having more than 80% disability were handed over battery operated motorized Tricycle fitted with Utility Box costing Rs.37,000 each. Major cost of this high end product was borne by the Ministry and amount of Rs.2.4 lakh was graciously provided by local MP Shri Devendra Singh 'Bhole' utilizing MP LAD fund.

Pre-identified beneficiaries were provided with various assistive aids and devices which includes 550-Tricycles, 26-Wheelchairs, 596-Crutches (Axilla and L-bow), 93-Walking Stick, 01-Rollators for Orthopedically Impaired persons 08-Braille Cane (folding), 42-Behind The Ear - Digital Hearing Aid machines and 02- MSIED Kit (Multi Sensory Inclusive Educational Kit) for Children with Special Needs. Also in the camp 26 Prosthetics and Orthotics appliances were distributed.

Shri Lov Verma, Secretary and Shri Awanish Kumar Awasthi, Joint Secretary, Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disability, Shri D R Sarin, CMD, ALIMCO and senior officers/officials of the Ministry were present on the occasion.

Source: Business Standard, 8th Sep 2015 

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