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Sunday, 1 November 2015

GMAT Registration For Persons With Disabilities

Digital progress has made MBA, a piece of cake for all management aspirants. As a result there are many a gateways, to enter and come out as an MBA from a business school. GMAT serves as one such gateway, but it is the only one with the broadest spectrum. That is because GMAT exam is applicable for special students i.e. test takers with disabilities too, who also desire to take up the GMAT test.


The advantage of GMAT is it is flexible to all the groups of people. GMAT registration for test takers with disabilities is a procedure which accommodates disabled candidates to take up the GMAT test, provided they submit the supporting documents.


Flexibility in GMAT Registration for Test Takers with Disabilities

Disabled Students have to follow a different procedure to apply for GMAT. The eligibility criteria’s are designed in such a way that, it is not limited to cover only certain disabilities. Obviously they can make use of the flexibility, provided that they submit the required identification documents, with a detailed documentation about their disabilities.

Why Should A Special Student Document His/Her Disability In Detail?

In the paragraph above, there is a word “detailed documentation” that needs special attention. The impact of this word can be seen in the test centers, which helps special students in getting their confirmation dates along with the proper disability aid like a recorder, an interpreter and so on. These aids are termed as “Testing accommodations”.

Medical Documents

Supporting medical documents are vital to support your disability. It is a must that you should obtain the entire medical documents from an authentic evaluator like a qualified physician. The medical documents should contain a detailed description of the candidates’ disabilities.

The format to document the disabilities is available on PDF online, which should be downloaded by the evaluator before evaluating any student with disability.

Procedure for Registration of GMAT Test Takers with Disabilities

1. Request for Test Accommodation

    Test accommodations should be requested by special students through the ‘Supplements for Test takers with disabilities’ which are available online. Incase if the candidates requires a copy in mail, they should contact GMAT customer service.

    The request of the candidates will be scrutinized to see, if they are eligible to get their test requirements preapproved.

    Preapproval is given depending on the kind of disabilities of the candidates. Preapproval is necessary if you are in need of medical equipments that are not attached to your body. Please go through the details given below that should be given in the request form.

2. Mandatory Details in the Request Form

    The supporting medical documents in detail, serves as a backbone of the request for test accommodations. The following are the details to be documented for requesting test accommodation:

        Major disability and its impact in restricting your usual life activity.

        The limitations which might be brought by your impairment in taking up the GMAT test, under standardized conditions.

        You should also substantiate how the requested test accommodation will suit your impairment.

    Apart from the above details, which should be documented in the request form there are certain disabilities that require preapproval. They are as follow:

        Physical disabilities

        Psychiatric disabilities

        Vision impairment (blind and low vision)

        Hearing impairment (deaf and hard of hearing)

        Learning disorder

        Attention deficit

    Also there are certain physical aids which must be preapproved at the test centers and after preapproval, on the day of the test make sure that the test center you have selected provides those accommodations. The accommodations which require preapproval are as follows:

        Wheelchair, diabetic equipment, inhalers, eye drops
        PC font enlarged up to 20 point (Low vision)

        A reader (for the blind students, who needs someone to read the questions)

        A person to record your test responses

        An interpreter for sign language (spoken directions)
        Trackball mouse

        50% or 100% of more additional time

        Two day test appointment instead of one day appointment
        Extended rest breaks

    Some physical aids do not require a preapproval. They are namely

        Eye glasses,

        Supporting pillow for the injured back or limbs,

        Insulin pumps,

        Hearing aids

        Neck braces

There are minor changes in the accommodations, done at the test centers without an approval like adjustable chair, head phones and an adjustable computer.

There is a quote by Dale Carnegie, that suits well for special students or students with disabilities “Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday”. All that disabled candidates need to do is send the necessary documents along with the registration fee, 6 weeks in advance to their choice of test date to avoid any delays and inconveniences.

Source : Entrance Care Blog  , 31st Oct 2015

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