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Sunday, 24 January 2016


I want to draw the kind attention of Federal Minister of Interior towards the plight of elderly citizens of Pakistan, who unfortunately continue to live even after eighty years of age, but NADRA is not ready to register them as citizens of this beloved country which they are proud to remember as to how it was created under the dynamic leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. I had applied for issuance of CNIC for my 80 year old mother, Maqsood Begum, who had lost her earlier CNIC bearing Registration No. 37301-7877328-2.   

My application to this effect is lying pending for the last three years. My mother, suffering from many chronic diseases, is now residing with me here in Iqbal Town Rawalpindi, she is too old and weak to move and it is not possible for her to visit a NADRA office, pass through all the SoPs and requisite formalities to get the CNIC issued. Honourable Interior Minister who must be having due respect for elderly senior citizens, is requested to spare some moments out of his busy schedule, to think about this issue. 

The elderly people, the senior citizens rightly deserve some special treatment, and I have seen special counters for them in a number of public offices in Pakistan; and of course, NADRA is not included in those. NADRA should not be allowed to deny CNIC (right of being a citizen of Pakistan) to these elderly people, of whom some might have contributed in the creation of Pakistan in 1947, only because they are physically handicapped to go by the rigorous officious process.

 Let there be dedicated special counters at every NADRA outlet, for senior citizens; and in special cases NADRA team could also visit the ailing elderly people, pay respect to them, complete the formalities and facilitate the issuance of citizenship registration card (CNIC) on the spot, at the place of their residence. I had intimated about the loss of my mother’s card that she lost somewhere in her native village (Chak Ali Shah of Tehsil Pind Dadan Khan in District Jhelum), four years ago, and have been requesting all, including seniors in NADRA for issuance of CNIC for my mother for the last over three years. I hope the Interior Minister would kindly think about the senior citizens and elderly Pakistanis, including my old ailing mother, and order some institutional arrangement to facilitate them in issuance of their CNICs.

Source : Pakistan Observer , 17th Jan 2016

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