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Sunday, 24 January 2016

SC order on recruitment of disabled still on paper - Thiruwanthapuram

The  state law secretary's order to implement the Supreme Court directive on appointment of disabled persons has been caught in red tape following delay in obtaining a nod for the same from the personnel and administrative reforms (P&AR) department.

A 2013 Supreme Court verdict makes it mandatory for all states to appoint the disabled in government posts in the order of 1, 34 and 67. This means that the first appointment should be given to a person in the physically handicapped (PH) category , followed by other categories until 34, which is to be reserved for the PH, then 67, and so on. Yet, officials of the Kerala Public Service Commission (KPSC) follow a 2008 state government order which directs a rotation policy of 33, 66, 99 and so on, resulting in a longer wait for disabled persons.

Following the Supreme Court directive, the state law secretary signed the new order on December 10, 2015, after which the file was sent to P&AR department. According to sources, the P&ARD has sent the file to the social justice department with a message for review by the law department again. "The state government has to amend its order of appointment based on the SC directive.The amendment is likely soon," said an official with the social justice department, requesting anonymity .

On Thursday , P&ARD under secretary Abdul Kalam said, "It is mandatory to implement the Supreme Court directive, so the appointment of the disabled in the order 1, 34, 67, has to be considered by KPSC.We have processed the file and sent it".

Meanwhile, aggrieved disabled candidate K Madhu - who earned the top slot in the 2014 KPSC rank list after it was revised in December 1, 2015 to include the disabled, for deputy collector post in the land revenue department - is still awaiting an appointment order. He said the KPSC neither followed the state rotation policy for the disabled nor the Supreme Court mandate.

Source : TOI , 19th Jan 2016

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