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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Sri Lanka to host Fist Asia Cup for Physically Challenged

International Cricket Council president physical limitations (CICPC) Raja Imran said that Sri Lanka will host the first Asia Cup for the current year with physical limitations.

Talking to The Nation Pakistan, Imran, who returned home after attending the meeting in Sri Lanka ICCPC and was attended by 10 member countries, he said: “We plan to hold the first Asia Cup and Cup World Disabled in Sri Lanka this year and if in case of lack of sponsorship or any other reason are on our way, at least certainly hold Asia Cup in Sri Lanka “.

“We will do everything we can to make this inaugural event a great success. It is about the future of players with physical problems, which have a platform where they can showcase their skills and earn the bread and butter for their families respectfully not begging “.

On his trip to Sri Lanka, he said: “I was invited to Sri Lanka, where all my expenses were paid for them and gave me enormous respect.

I met with different Government of Sri Lanka (SLC) dignitaries and could not forget the respect and given to me by the Sri Lanka Cricket Association of Physically Challenged (SLPCCA) love.

I also met with Sri Lankan Sports Minister Dayasiri Jayasekara who had words of praise for our efforts and offered assistance to the ICCPC relentless in carrying out future events.

He also pledged to sponsor the team handicapped Pakistan for the next Asia Cup by physical limitations. ”

President ICCPC, which looks very satisfied and happy with the decisions and progress made during the meeting in which 6 out of 10 member countries were present, while four were taken by the video camera, said: ” we have planned tri -nation also make cricket tournament wheelchair involving Sri Lanka, Pakistan and India in Sri Lanka this year may be in July or August.

The most interesting note is great interest in Europe has been taking join the ICCPC, which will bring the whole world under one roof and help players with physical problems of the entire universe to use this platform and earn name and fame for themselves and their respective countries.

The USA. also he plans to join the ICCPC “.

When asked about holding a super league for players with physical problems, he said: “Yes, we are also planning a super league cricketers with physical disabilities soon Working Paper started in this way and. the good news will surface in the coming days. ”

Announcing Imran national events planned for the players, he said: “I have also planned to conduct all physical limitations National Championship Pakistan in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

It will help you to select players for the upcoming international mega events. Shortly after the national championship, open rehearsals to announce the selection of national team for the Asian Cup.

Source : Lankans TV , 19th Jan 2016

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