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Friday, 26 December 2014

Mass Wedding for Handicapped, Persons with Special Needs

Celebrations and activities have continued at Martyr Suad Tambal Center, in the neighborhood of Haj-Yousif, where a number of the disabled and persons with special needs tied the knot in a ceremonial atmosphere.

Sidiq Ali Al-Sheikh, the deputy governor of Khartoum state, called for including the newly-wed persons with disabilities and special needs in the umbrella of health insurance.

State Minister for Welfare and Social Security, hailed the center which organized the event and fasciculate the mass wedding for the persons with special needs, for its gracious efforts contributions to the needy. 

Dr. Amal Al-Bili revealed that an estimated 15 million Sudanese pounds will be deposited in favour of the persons with disabilities and special needs.

A wedding ceremony was held at the center for one hundred persons with disabilities and special needs under the theme of a “Chaste Nation”

The marriage for the persons with disabilities and special needs was donated by a Saudi Muslim clerk of charity, who refused to have his identity or his assistants disclosed.

Attendees in the matrimonial ceremony were the families of the grooms, graced the center’s board of trustees in addition to the members of the executive office and the unions of the persons with disabilities and special needs.

The ceremony was organized in collaboration with United Financial Bank, Challengers to Disability Union in Omdurman and Sudanese Women Union in addition to other civil society organizations.

Helping 100 individuals with disabilities and special needs tie the knot was the first biggest event of its kind to be organized by Martyr Suad Tambal Center within its social contributions and efforts to preserve purity and chastity of the Sudanese society.

Source: Sudan Vision , 22nd Dec 2014

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