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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Nitaqat status for women working from home - JEDDAH

The Ministry of Labor has issued three new decisions to create more job opportunities for women and the physically challenged.

Women working from home will be included in the Nitaqat system. For the platinum zone, those who work from home will be calculated as 30 percent of the total Saudi staff. For the green zone, they will be calculated as 20 percent of the total Saudi staff while for the red and yellow zones they will be considered as 10 percent of the total Saudi staff. The decision will come into force on Feb. 20 in 2015.

For nursing women, the decision tries to strike a balance between work and childcare. Women are allowed to take a rest for an hour or two everyday during work hours to nurse their children for 24 months after delivery. The rest hour(s) will be included in work hours. If the business where a woman works does not have a nursery, she can nurse her child either at the beginning or at the end of work hours.

The decision will also deal with the pressing challenges such as transportation, places of daycare for female workers' children and the creation of a work environment for women.

Meanwhile, the Shoura Council asked the Civil Service Ministry to increase the transportation allowance for female workers.

Source: Zawya, 16th Dec 2014

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