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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Taking Inspiration - Hyderabad

A poet, a dreamer, a philosopher and a writer – that’s how she likes to describe herself. An alumna of the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta; Disha Chhabra is the author of two books, ‘My Beloved’s MBA Plans’ and ‘Because Life is a Gift’.   Disha loves life for all it brings. She is passionate about doing her bit for the society through her group Pick-a-Fight.She shares her top five books
‘The monk who sold his Ferrari’, Robin Sharma

Inspirational read to balance the professional, personal, spiritual and social goals in life. The story is told through a character who embarks on a journey to confront his life’s crisis. This book defined ‘life’ for me. It made me think about my own life, its purpose and my long term goals. It made me peaceful within my own self. A book I have read and reread so many times. 

‘The Fountainhead’, Ayn Rand

A fictional story of love, revenge, ethics, values. Howard Roark is an architect who struggles to live in a world bound by traditions. Dominique Francon is a strong woman who learns to live life on her own terms. Their love hate story forces one to question your own beliefs, make your own value systems, question the wrongs. Ayn Rand’s beautiful and detailed portrayal of her characters is totally engrossing.
‘I dare’, Kiran Bedi

The saga of India’s first and the highest ranked woman IPS officer who pioneered a humane method of policing marked by willpower, devotion to duty, innovation, and compassion and, above all, a never-say-die attitude. Kiran Bedi fascinated and inspired me since my childhood. She has not just opened the doors of bureaucracy for women, or transformed Indian Jails; she has also been instrumental in India’s fight against corruption. The book talks about her character, upbringing, the challenges she faced and her strengths.
‘Lady, You’re not a man’, Apurva Purohit

A book on how women should accept, adjust and adapt for a balanced work life. It talks about the challenges working women face in India and how they can strike a balance in their personal and professional lives. The book simplifies so many aspects for working woman in a humorous way. It talks about importance of prioritising, support system in a woman’s life, Indian women’s guilt factor – all of it is very relatable and a must read for every woman.

‘The Fault in our Stars’, John Green

A love story of two terminally ill cancer patients, Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters in dire circumstances and makes one believe in the magic of true love. This book taught me that life has to be enjoyed in all circumstances and how love can transform one’s life. The book has moments where you almost put the book down and pray for the character’s health. It also describes the struggles of cancer patients across the world and how life can be made worthwhile one day at a time.

Source : The New Indian Express , 2nd Nov 2014 

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