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Friday, 26 December 2014

‘Mute’ conman steals 50K mobile from Nerul clinic - Navi Mumbai

The Nerul police are searching for a 26-year-old youth, who posed as a handicapped person at a dental clinic in sector 10 and stole a mobile worth Rs 50,000 on Tuesday. The incident took place at Goodwill Arcade opposite Nerul railway station.

API M Palande said that the accused youth visited the clinic of Dr Sharmishtha Jha , located on the first floor of the building. The youth, pretending to be a mute handicapped person, was "seeking donations for an organisation working for the welfare of disabled orphans".

Taking pity on the 'handicapped' youth, the dentist allowed him to enter her clinic and asked him to wait till she attended a patient. After a while, the dentist came out and the youth asked for her visiting card. When Dr Jha went inside to fetch her visiting card, she kept her mobile on the table. When she came out, she found that her mobile missing and searched for it. It was then she realized that the youth had stolen her mobile and fled.

API Palande said, "The clinic does not have CCTV cameras. But, the society is under CCTV camera surveillance, which must have captured the conman while entering and exiting the society's gate. The camera footage will be scanned and the dentist will be asked to identify the accused youth."

Senior police inspector Sangita Shinde Alphanso said that the office bearers of the housing societies and commercial offices have been advised not to allow such 'disabled' persons seeking donations to enter the premises.

Source: TOI , 26th Dec 2014

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