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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Helpless and handicapped Jagan

Jagan born on 22.11.2008 at Diakuda village, Krushnaprasad block of Puri district. This boy was born without two hand and for this reason he named as Jaganath(Jagan).

Helpless and handicapped Jagan

He lost his father Prafula Dash while he was just 8 months old.After the death of her husband Jagan’s mother Jayanti get married to her brother in law Bulamani.She was always worried about Jagan’s future.
Sometimes she begged to the ministers for help but she only find prank promises.Now Jagan is studying and going to school daily, even its very difficult for him to hold a bag but still he is struggling.

According to Jagan’s School teacher Sandhyarani Biswal, Jagan is a good student, he is studying well, and he is a good singer, a good dancer.Medical report says that jagan is 80%physically handicapped but still there is no any kind of help from the Government, even the boy is daily going to school by foot because he is not able to afford a rickshaw.

According to Jayanti and Bulamani they are not getting any kind of help from the Block office.Only due to their poverty they are not able now to give education to their child.

Source: Odhisa Maya , 29th Jan 2015 

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