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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Workshop on barrier free technologies

Dear Reader,

We are organizing a workshop on barrier free technologies at IIT ROORKEE .

Following are details of the workshop .

It would be great  if you all can give some input on the following topics.

                *BARRIER FREE TECHNOLOGY *

Highlights of the workshop

1.Developing low-cost Barrier free technology to enhance physical accessibility

2.Enable / on equal footing

3.Moving from “disability” to differently able: several examples of geniuses who had disabilities but they excelled in their fields. Examples of Isaac Newton etc.

4.Educating the “mainstream” about differently abled: Crossing the hurdle of attitudinal and behavioural barriers created due to lack of awareness and sensitivity.

5.How to go beyond physical barriers?


1. The workshop aims at stimulating, training and enlightening you, in and out, about the lives of the various differently abled, the problems and hurdles they face in their day to day lives
2. Sensitize to break attitudinal barriers in order to mainstream our differently-abled friends
3. To realize that it’s a disability on our part to not be     able to look beyond their physical lacking.
4. To achieve our goal of moving towards a more inclusive educationalInstitution and inclusive Society at large.

About the Speaker

Saif Ahmad Khan : Save the Quest Chairperson-founder.

Founder of Our Quest Magazine

Part of Delhi university innovation project , researching on the College
Dropout of Differently Able Students in University of Delhi

He has been working with differently abled students since past five years
and has conducted workshop in various schools and colleges.

Save the Quest is a charitable foundation working for the differently abled
and also in the education field since the past 2 years, we operate from
Delhi, also conducting workshops all over India.

Regards ,

Saif Ahmad Khan

Source: Mail Archive, 1st Feb 2015 

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