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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Preference in transfers, postings for disabled govt employees

Preferences in transfers, postings and accommodation, reimbursement for assistive devices and special casual leave are some of the proposals being considered by the central government as it looks to introduce additional amenities for its disabled employees.

Besides, all ministries and departments, subordinate offices, public sector undertakings, government companies, cantonment boards etc. would also be identifying the types of jobs which may easily be performed by such employees.

The Ministry of Personnel has sent a proposal bearing these guidelines to all ministries and departments and sought their comments on the same.

"A need was felt to provide certain additional facilities or amenities to persons with disabilities to enable them to effectively discharge their duties.

"Identification of jobs, post-recruitment and pre- promotion training, assistive devices, free accessibility, preference in transfer or posting, special casual leave, etc. have been identified as areas which require special attention," it said.

Induction training is an essential component of the service requirement for an employee. Induction training for persons with disabilities should be done together with the other employees. Job-specific post-recruitment and pre- promotion training programmes are required to be organised for persons with disabilities, the guidelines stated.

"A person with disability shall be placed with an experienced employee for at least one month on resuming responsibility of a post.

"This would help him pick up the skills required to perform the job," it said. 

Source : TOI , 17th Feb 2014 

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