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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Different Art By The Differently Abled

Different Art By The Differently Abled
A special and very niche initiative of supporting the specially-abled people to carve out their niche passion is indeed an earnest effort.

Often neglected by the society the differently abled don’t generally get the right exposure and the guidance to explore their hidden talents. Their passion if supported can actually grow into a massive upbringing of a highly neglected part of the society.
Apart from good parenting and schooling, if these potential talents are mentored in their fields of interests then may be India might just  produce the next Picasso.


#BodyCanvas – Tattoo Studio started by the two brothers Vikas and Micky Malani has come up with this amazing initiative of upbringing the differently abled people.

Knowing and carving out their he(art)s these tattoo artists have come up with a way to spread the fine art sector a step further.


With #BodyCanvas starting the new project #EmploymentEquity many differently abled people are going to get the opportunity to be trained and recruited in the fine arts sector.

They are starting a scholarship program for the differently abled people that would include 3-month fine art training program.

Post the training worthy candidates would even be recruited by them.


Art is all about expression and exploring their minds who might be physically or even mentally different is indeed an initiative worth investing.

Creativity isn’t really restricted to anyone. The ability to create is beyond mind, body and soul.

The initiative would not only seek to support the differently abled but would also be a big venture into the option of exploring the different kind of creativity that might come up from these people.

Who knows sometimes structured thinking and organized mind set might not be able to come up or perceive a thing that these people would have the power to perceive.

Their perception if given a chance to express might turn into a magnanimous reality.


Source : Younghistan , 13th Nov 2014 

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