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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Differently-abled students take up cleanliness drive : Madurai

The Prime Minister's Swacch Bharat Abhayan campaign for cleanliness has received the participation of many well-known names. On Thursday, a group of differently-abled children set out on the same drive, under much less media glare, but with a much more powerful message.

Around 35 students from a special school here joined hands with a group of college students to clean an entire road in K K Nagar, besides the surroundings of their school. Around 100 children affected with conditions like cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and autism studies in the school, which is located in K K Nagar. The campaign was organized by Shine Educational Trust, which was formed by a group of parents with differently- abled children in K K Nagar, along with Santosh College of Physiotherapy.

Supraja Yamini, a 12-year-old student who is affected with rare autism, said, "I have cleaned the road along with my friends. We found a large quantity of garbage on the road. People should come forward to keep their area clean," she said. She can not only talk, but also find the exact day of a date in any year.

According to the representatives of the school, the founders of the school intended to signal to the public that such children too can be brought to the mainstream.

S Visalakshi, a correspondent of the school, commented that it was a message to the other students and public to keep the area around them clean. Administration authorities cannot keep every part of the nation spic and span. It is the people's effort which can really bring in big changes in the society, she said.

The half-day campaign, which began on Thursday morning, collected two trucks of garbage. The school authorities reported that the civic authorities co-operated a lot with the effort, and removed the collected garbage. The children were helped by a group of 40 college students. During the day, the students also took a vow not to litter their streets, and to keep their surroundings clean.

Source : TOI , 21st Nov 2014

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