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Saturday, 29 November 2014

WOW! Salman Khan Remembers A Disabled Fan Even After 2 Decades

Actor Salman Khan undoubtedly has one of the highest fan following among the Bollywood stars and rightly so. Apart from he being a Bollywood superstar, it looks like there is another reason for Salman Khan being loved by all his fans so much. It has been reported that Kick actor Salman Khan once met a fan named Paras Mehta and even after 21 years of the meeting, Salman still remembers the fan by his name.

WOW! Salman Remembers A Disabled Fan Even After 2 Decades

Salman Khan's friend Chhaya Momaya was quoted saying, "Paras Mehta who comes from a prominent jewellery family in Malabar hill has always been a major Salman devotee. The late film distributor Dinesh Gandhi and a close family friend of Mehtas told Salman about him. When Salman got to know about it, he went all the way to Malabar Hill to meet his fan.

This was over two decades ago." Apparently, Chhaya had no clue about Salman having met with someone named Paras Mehta. Now, the same fan wished to meet Salman once again and when Chhaya told the actor that someone from Malabar Hill wants to meet him, the lady was in for a surprise.

"I was taken aback when Salman's response was 'Are you talking about Paras?' In fact, Salman mentioned that four days ago, he had thought about Paras and was wondering what happened to him. How amazing it is that he remembered a fan he had met 21 years ago, given that he meets hundreds every day," said Chhaya. It is to be mentioned, Paras Mehta who is 42 years old happens to be mentally and physically challenged. Well, Salman certainly has a sharp memory, at least as far as remembering his fans is concerned.

Source : Film Beat , 27th Nov 2014

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