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Yesterday, in the Kickstarter Hall at Tech in Asia Singapore 2015, startups were given the opportunity to pitch their ideas to an audience of investors, mentors, influencers, and journalists. Here are the entrepreneurial teams who grabbed the mic:

1. Meroll

Meroll is a healthcare startup that wants to fight cancer and other chronic illnesses by promoting healthier lifestyle habits and reducing the traditional dependence on allopathic medicine. They believe that millions of dollars spent on surgeries and medicines can be saved simply by switching to an organic diet, and will develop personalized plans for patients who sign up to use their service.

2. Door 2 Door Doctor

Door 2 Door Doctor is a healthcare startup based out of Malaysia. It aims to “lessen the burden of receiving quality healthcare” by providing medical services at your doorstep. Primarily targeted at senior citizens, the service wants to provide peace of mind for those who may be physically challenged, wheelchair bound, or reliant on poor public transportation.
Currently the startup offers services such as physiotherapy, consultation, and emergency transportation to nearby hospitals.

3. Playme

Playme is an augmented reality startup that wants to bridge the gap between print and digital media. Through its app, users can upload their images to add interactive content and trigger an augmented reality experience. There is no need for help from a technical team as the app has a simple step-by-step process to curate the experience. Furthermore, Playme claims that their rich interactive experience allows brands to engage with their customers better.

4. My Aone Learning

My Aone Learning is a skill sharing marketplace that connects instructors to those wishing to learn from them. Currently operational in Malaysia and Singapore, the startup offers a range of lessons across fields such as sports and fitness, cooking and baking, and other life skills. Users can browse the marketplace and register either as an instructor if they wish to teach a particular course or as a learner if they are looking to add to their repertoire of skills. There is also an option to connect with traditional “learning centers” in your geographical region.

5. Parkeasy

Parkeasy recognizes the problem of finding available parking spots for drivers in Southeast Asia. Currently operational only in Malaysia, the startup allows users to view available parking spots and reserve one, it claims, in just two clicks.
The app also provides a navigation service, showing the shortest possible route from your location to the reserved spot. Parkeasy is currently in negotiations with shopping malls to let users pre-book parking slots.

6. Nexgigs

Nexgigs is a marketplace that wants to bring musicians and event planners closer together. They believe while there are many concerts and live music sessions happening in cities across Southeast Asia, most independent musicians are poorly informed of these opportunities and therefore miss out on publicity. Through its marketplace, both event planners and musicians will be aware of future events happening in their location.

Honorable mention: Conny Lim

At the end of the session, Conny Lim, a consultant based out of Singapore, announced that she would be willing to mentor and assist all startups seeking advice. She asked the audience to connect with her on LinkedIn, if interested.

This is part of the coverage of Tech in Asia Singapore 2015, our event which ran on May 6 and 7.

Source: TechinAsia, 8th May 2015