• Birju runs an NGO named The Foundation of Handicapped Development to help differently-abled people
    Birju runs an NGO named The Foundation of Handicapped Development to help differently-abled 

It won't be wrong to say that Brijraj Singh alias Birju proves the saying "If there is a will, there is a way." He is 90 percent disabled but many see him as a ray of hope.

A resident of Sainik Vihar in Nawada, West Delhi, Birju helps physically-challenged people to become self-dependent by providing them education or job opportunities.

"Helping others is a duty for me. It gives me happiness and satisfaction that I can't get by doing anything else," says Birju.

So far he has changed the lives of more than 100 physically-challenged people. According to Birju, it is more important for a physically-challenged person to be self-dependent than others and education is the key to attain it.

Birju's life is itself an inspiring story. Though he is physically disabled, Birju would do everything on his own since his childhood. When he completed his 12th, he started working at a Tent House. Later on he started a business of purchase and sell of used vehicles. He also designed a bike for shorter people, so that people like him do not have to depend on others for commuting.

"I joined Rashtriya Viklang Party to serve the needy, but I noticed there was more of politics and less of service so I left that. In 2009, I started an NGO named The Foundation of Handicapped Development where I started distributing tricycles, teaching, training for self-employment, etc." Birju shares.

To run this NGO, Birju started raising money through donations. He not only opened a hostel for blind people but also taught handicapped and poor kids of Dwarka sector 3 by running free classes for them.

Birju claims, "Political parties only remember us only during the time of elections. All I want is that we should be accepted as an integral part of the society and not just as a vote bank. Even if the 2.5 percent quota that is reserved for us is given to us honestly, I am sure most of us won't have to wander here and there.”

If you want to join hands with Birju and help physically-disabled people stand on their own, visit www.foundationofhandicapped.org

Source: I am in DNA of west delhi, 23rd June 2015