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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Amitabh Bachchan and his style statement in movies

Legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan is a name to reckon in Bollywood His style statement is on par with his performance. For the trailer launch of Wazi, he once again proved  that he was different from all the Homo-Sapiens present with him on the dias. Amitabah Bachchan walked on to the dais in white and green mix coloured Duppatta.

 Also this day happens to be his 42nd Marriage Anniversary. Wearing the gift ,"Dupatta" from Jaya Bachchan on this day signifies his love and respect for his other half.

Amitabh Bachchan stole the show while he entered the launch Press Conference of his film Wazir held recently in Mumbai –well! The star looked stunning with his exuberant style statement –wrapped around with a colorful duppatta having a mix of blue and green on the virgin color,”White” Pyjama and Kurta .Further adding more to his style statement which added a few more, Bachchan’s  styling sense with a green watch belt around his left wrist.

No wonder why this,”Duppatata” outshined as his style statement he unfolded the secret,” Yes. We have completed 42 years of marriage today .My wife [Jaya Bachchan ] is not in Mumbai, she is abroad and we wished each other at the strike of midnight. This ,”Duppatta” was gifted to me by my wife during Piku while we were shooting in Kolkatta. It is specially made in Bengal.”

Not answering about the watch belt style statement he just laughed out and said, "Madam bs Khadi tak hi baat rehene dijiye,varna mamla halka ho jayega!!”

Being energetic and working at this age portraying electrifying character he gives the youth a tough competition ask him that he says, "I consider myself fortunate to be getting work and very fortunate to work with new generation which is unbelievably talented. The average age on the sets of every youth is around 25 to 30. I wonder if it is my place or not? But it feels wonderful.”

So Amitji do you agree God had written your,”Kundli” at ease as you are being bestowed upon with a lot of good roles? “How am I to know about it? What can I say? I am unable to answer to this pertinent question of yours. Indeed you need to ask the concerned who has written it for me."

About his physically challenged character for some part in the film he updates, “In the story I come across a situation where I lose my legs. I have been on a chair all the time in the film.  I have worked with Vinod Chopra earlier and his specialty is that he works on minute details. Three months earlier before the shoot he came to me with different kinds of wheel chairs. Finally they agreed on one of the chairs which you will see in the film and I took time to get used to it. They have done a lot of visual effects. I had to wear black socks which had white dots and during shoots the pants were tied into a knot at my knees so I don't move my legs and it looks real. At times there were scenes where I had to lie on the bed and they would make a big hole in the bed so that I could put my legs into it and cover myself with a blanket.”

Check out the fashion trends Amitji has introduced through his films 

1] The first time he set the Fashion Trend was in his film, "Deewar.” His shirt was knotted at the bottom finishing. However, this knot was done accidentally.

2] There after the, “Turtle Necked “shirt in Kabhie Kabhie and his ,”Sweaters in Silsila, Kaalia, Shakti  etc also pepped the fans and his style statement was something to reckon with.

3] Amitji is also responsible for having made leather Jackets with pockets a hep style in the 80s in his film ,”Shakti.”Well! Not to forget the , Kurta Pyjama and Churridar Pyjama styling of the star of the Millennium none other than Amitabh Bachchan.The Gamcha which is a regular usage from the North was also introduced by him.

4] Lastly, in Wazir he looks great while he dons the avatar of a ,Kashmiri Pundit.

Source : The Hans India, 10th June 2015

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