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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Lesser known people undertaking charity work: Restoring your faith in humanity

They say 'Help others and god will help you.' True indeed.

In today's world when we cannot imagine a person to think about others before himself, there are people who are so compassionate that they are unbelievable!

Here are some people who are as ordinary as we are but they are making a difference in the society with their good work.

1. Sikh S.W.A.T. in London

S.W.A.T. is for the 'Sikh Welfare and Awareness Team' which was started by the Sikh community residing in London. They run a S.W.A.T. van in the city, which is parked in central London. The van supplies food and other essential requirements for homeless people in the city for free. Volunteers aid in helping the needy by assisting in performing the supplies. It is heart-warming service, which is free from every type of discrimination - be it because of the caste, colour or religion! Around 5,000 free vegetarian meals on weekdays and 10,000 meals on weekends are provided to the poor.
Noble people are still not extinct!

2. Brian Mullaney

Brian Mullaney is the owner of 20/20/20, which is a non-profit organisation recognised by the IRS. The organisation provides free eye surgeries to the poor people who would otherwise not be able to afford them. Brian Mullaney undertakes this service especially in the world's poorest countries. Blind children as well as adults coming from poor families are provided special 15-minute surgeries, which restore their sight. The organization has already helped many children to see the world and more are yet to be helped. Along with this, the organisation also provides free medical training and education to doctors and nurses who are then given jobs in the organisation itself.

3. Patu Keswani

Patu Keswani is one man you should be inspired from. He is the chairman and director of Lemon Tree Hotels and employs disabled people as the staff in the hotel. About 10 percent of the country's population is disabled and almost all of them remain jobless. Not anymore! This man has been recruiting people with hearing and speech disabilities and with Down's syndrome since some years now. All the differently abled people employed in the hotel love their job and are happy and content.

4. Chandrawati Saru

Bhartiya Janta Party MP Kariya Munda's daughter, Chandrawati Saru sold mangoes on a street to earn money for charity. She did this with an intention to support education for girls. She is definitely someone people should get motivated from. Who said humanity died?

5. Anand Kumar

Anand Kumar is a mathematician and a columnist but is popular for his Super 30 programme. Anand started to coach the economically backward students for the IIT-JEE exams for free who could not afford to study otherwise. He has been doing this since 2002 and each year, many of his students crack the IIT entrance exam. Anand Kumar's classes have helped many children achieve their dreams.

Generosity at its best!

6. Venkatraman

Today when you can purchase nothing with one rupee, Venkatraman from a small town in Chennai, sells one-rupee meals for poor. He runs a Mess called 'Shri AMV Homely Mess', which serves lunch for the visitors of the patients admitted at the AVM hospital. He says that he would have given away the food for free but according to him, people would not trust on the quality of the food if he distributed it free of cost. Venkatraman has been providing this service since 1995 and has served many people since then. With an income not as high to be able to admit his daughter in an engineering college, he continues to provide one-rupee meals to the poor. He manages to serve these people by increasing the price of meal for his regular customers from Rupees 20 to Rupees 50.
Hats off to this man!

They be the real heroes!

Source:  India today , 24 June 2015

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