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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Central railway approves two more coaches for all five passenger trains - KOLHAPUR

The Central Railway has approved two additional coaches for all the five passenger trains originating from the Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Terminus here. Now, there will be 12 coaches for every passenger train which will accommodate more commuters, officials said.

Increase in the number of coaches was a long-pending demand from the passengers from Kolhapur, Jaisinghpur, Hatkanangale and Miraj for increasing the number of coaches. The Central Railway was running the trains with only 10 coaches for many years.

Passenger trains are major income generators, because daily commuters, school students and traders are largely dependent on such services. Compared to road traffic, passenger train service is more economical and efficient. The seat utilisation in passenger trains is much higher, as its commuters travel in stages, bringing in more income, sources said.

Vikram Shinde, a daily food material supplier said, "My business is dependent on passenger train because I can move my material easily and distribute it to my customers on the route. With additional coaches, more passengers can sit and travel with comfort. Several times, I had to stand or sit on the floor."

Indicators operational: The coach indicators at Kolhapur railway station have started operating in the past couple of days. This facility would help the passengers to wait at the proper spot for their coach.

Mohan Shete, member of the divisional railway users' consultative committee said, "I have seen passengers struggling to find the position of their coach since the trains do not have common pattern for coach allocation. While the Mahalaxmi express has its 3-tier AC coaches near the engine, the Sahyadri express has its a/c coaches away from the engine. This creates confusion. In case of senior citizens, physically challenged people or families with kids, it creates major inconvenience. The coach indicators will bring some relief to the passengers." 

Source: TOI, 13th June 2015


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