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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Students rage at Rathifile - Andhra Pradesh

More than half of the 23 RTC centres set up across the city to issue bus passes are not equipped leading to rush at the Rathifile bus station

Two groups scuffled it out at the jam packed Rathifile bus station on Monday that caused minor injuries to a few students who had come to get new bus passes, this in spite of the increase of counters from 12 to 18. In spite of 23 centres set up to issue bus passes, almost 70 per cent of the centres do not have servers leading to delay and the students are directed to either go to Rathifile bus station in Secunderabad or to Koti. 

Krupakar Reddy, assistant traffic manager, Greater Hyderabad zone said, “The problem would be solved soon. Severs are being set up at the centres There are plans to gradually increase the centres to 63 in number.” Students have to wait for hours before they get their turn. 
Students jostle for space at the Rathifile bus station
Students jostle for space at the Rathifile bus station

Ravi Kiran, an irate student said, “Every year the RTC authorities talk about making the process online but it never happens. There are several students who wait for 2-3 hours but are told to go back citing flimsy reasons.” In some centres the work is being done using data cards leading to slow process.

The RTC caters to about 2.75 lakh students in the capital. It issues about 2 lakh route passes per annum and 4,80,000 student general bus passes every quarter. The RTC issues 16 lakh passes in different categories and gets revenue of Rs 20 crore per month through monthly passes.   

The physically handicapped students find it difficult to stand in long queues. The RTC issued 31,000 passes in the physically handicapped category with another 16,000 escort passes last year. Thousands throng Rathifile bus station every day leading to students skipping classes. 

RTC officials say that once the servers are set up at the different centres the rush at Rathifile would come down. The contract is given to Netexcel this year. Last year Campage India had bagged the contract.
Source: The Hans India, 22nd June 2015 

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