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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Kids Inspire them to fight odds: THIRUVANANTHAPURAM:

Simitha attending the classes at Kottapuram Integrated Development Society
Simitha attending the classes at Kottapuram Integrated Development Society

Sometimes, all you need is a little push to overcome the odds. For Simitha, the Kottapuram Integrated Development Society (KIDS) gave her that push, the inspiration and will power to fight odds and to weave a new start.

Simitha, physically challenged after suffering from Juvenile Osteoporosis,  came to KIDS to undergo the vocational training for physically challenged people and her stint with KIDS has given her the courage to face the world. Today, she has learnt to deal with her disability and has explored her  creative side too.

“I paint and learn flower-making and I feel so renewed. Painting is my favourite hobby and I use water color,” says an upbeat Simitha. 

Her trainer agrees. “She has always stayed indoors. Initially, she found it difficult to cope up. But now she is very happy and enjoys here,” says  Thresia Joy.  Like Simitha, many physically challenged people have been reaping the benefits of the vocational training provided by the Kottapuram Integrated Development Society.

The reputed NGO has been concentrating on the sustainable development of socially and economically-backward groups since 1987. They organise a three-month’s handicraft training program for physically challenged women in flower-making, dry flower arrangement, paper bag-making, star making and book binding. KIDS has been working together with Centre for Disability, Thiruvananthapuram, to provide around 40 vocational training programs.

“We train them and later provide them with raw materials. Our NGO acts as a mediator between them and the market too. The goal of KIDS is to make them capable of earning their own living,” said Sr Mercy Thomas, administrator.

KIDS director Fr Nixon Kattassery says that the physically-challenged people are very talented but they find difficulty in being a part of main stream society. “We try to give them an opportunity to develop their skills and improve their lifestyle”.

Simitha vouch for this. She shares how happy she is with the NGO.

“I am really glad that I came here and would have regretted if I missed this opportunity. Now I am experiencing a totally different part of the world and  have so many friends. Learning paper jewellery making, star making, flower making and arranging have made me confident and ready to face the world. Now, I realize that  am capable of doing many things,” says Simitha.

Source:  The New Indian Express, 23rd June 2015

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