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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Chaos erupts at Javed Ali concert in Bengaluru; Disabled face struggle ! BANGALORE

Unlike all Sundays when roads are deserted, Bengalureans were in festive mood on special evening of Valentines Day on Sunday, Feb 14. While Javed Ali's live concert made many couples soak in romance, sadly a few handicapped people who came to take glimpse of Javed Ali concert at Forum mall, had to face difficulties.


The event started with couple participation in the concert but it ended up with panic, as crowd gathered at the show created chaos. A large part of crowd trespassed the security barricade that stoked panic during the concert. Many women with children were seen leaving the program half way through.

Rohit, an engineer who is physically challenged told OneIndia "I felt scared and helpless, when entire crowed thronged Javed Ali jumping the barricade." Meanwhile, after viewing uncontrolled situation in concert, Javed Ali beseeched all people not to create chaos as women, children and handicapped people, who were standing in the front row were facing hard times due to worsened situation. Later security personnels who were present there, forced people back.

Source : One India, 15th Feb 2016

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