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Friday, 5 February 2016

Mirchpur: Dalits to challenge acquittal of four juveniles - Chandigarh

A day after a juvenile was sentenced to three-year jail term in the infamous Mirchpur caste violence case, victim families have decided to challenge the acquittal of four other minors in the case.

The Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) on Monday had awarded three years imprisonment to a juvenile after he was found guilty for murder, assault and dacoity.

Lawyer for dalits hit by the violence, Rajat Kalsan claimed that that there were sufficient evidence against the juveniles acquitted by the board. "The witnesses had recognized all the five accused in the court but they could reveal the name of only one accused, who has now been convicted. But the evidence collected by the police also establish the guilt of four acquitted accused," said Kalsan.

However, counsel for the accused, Dharmender Goyat claimed that the judgement related to acquittal of the four accused was well reasoned as per the material available on the file. "There is no legal substance for the purpose of guilt of the four juveniles. There were general allegations against the accused not the specific," he said.

Goyat also said that they would challenge the conviction of fifth accused also. "He should be given benefit of doubt," he added.

A 70-year-old dalit Tara Chand, along with his physically-challenged daughter Suman, 18, were killed during the attack on their houses by the upper caste men in Mirchpur village of Hisar district on April 21, 2010. The incident had taken place after a dalit's dog had barked upon upper caste youths. A commission set up to probe the violence had blamed the police for failing in its duty to act swiftly.

Source : TOI, 3rd Feb 2016

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