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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Thozha is Full of Life and Laughter: Nagarjuna

Director Vamsi’s Thozha (Oopiri in Telugu) caught the attention of film buffs and industry pundits immediately as soon as the cast was announced. Reason, it was to bring together two top heroes from two film industries Nagarjuna and Karthi together. 
Says actor Nagarjuna, who plays a physically challenged person in the film, “I had watched this French film Intouchables some four or five years aog and I really loved it. I wished that someone would make it here and I must have wished very hard for PVP and Vamsi Paidipally decided to make it. Not only did they decide to make it, they approached me for the role. I agreed and that was how I became a part of this project.”
The actor says he had to make quite an effort to play the role as the character was a demanding one. “It was very difficult to play such a role as one cannot move any part of one’s body. One could only use one’s eyes. Even neck movement was restricted. So, it was quite a challenge,” says the actor, who says he prefers calling the film Thozha as it is a new Tamil word he has learnt.
“This film Thozha tells you that as long as you have someone with you, you can face anything. And by someone, I mean someon who cares for you -- it could be a friend, a partner, a relative. This film is about a billionaire who is physically challenged and on the other side, you have the character played by Karthi, who comes from the slums, who believes only money can buy friends. The film is all about what happens when the two become friends. There is not one dull moment in the film. It is full of life and laughter and I loved doing it,” says Nagarjuna.
Director Vamsi hails from the same Telugu industry but Karthi is from the Tamil industry. How was it working with Karthi? “Usually, I am very skeptical about working with another star because I like to keep things simple. However, with Karthi, I did not feel like I was working with a co-star. I felt like as if I was working with a friend. In fact, Karthi was like a younger brother. I don’t remember a single place when I felt uncomfortable while working on this film and likewise I think he too wouldn’t have felt uncomfortable at any point,” he signs off.

Source : The New Indian Express, 24th Feb 2016 

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