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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Teens build new characteristics within themselves while working

Full-time students, part-time jobs

Teens can find different types of jobs that are not only interesting but also help teach work ethics such as responsibility and compassion.
Junior Chase Swanson, for instance, works for his dad at Phoenix Restoration. If there is any sort of damage like fire, water, mold or sewage in a structure, then he is responsible to go in and do the dirty clean-up work to prepare for construction crews.
“It’s taught me to really have a drive to work hard and get as much done as you can in a short amount of time,” Swanson said.
Another student who works with his father is senior Kolton Miller. His dad mentors him through training exercises at the South Hutchinson Fire Department.
“My job has taught me to not only think about myself, but to put others first,” Miller said.
Something not seen too often are students working individually with another in the community such as senior Lucas Clark, who has assisted a special needs student the past two years. Not only does Clark help him every morning with basic life functions such as matching his clothes and getting him ready for school, but he also takes him to activities like games and movies.
“Everyone is different and certain people need certain things, and being gentle and kind is the way to go,” Clark said.
Senior Audrey Byers has a job at the Advanced Physical Therapy center, where her main focus is dealing with patient’s modalities, like sensory perception. Byers said she hopes to pursue a career in physical therapy.
“It helps me learn to deal with the patients and their needs,” she said.
Senior Matt Kline works at the Sunshine Meadows Retirement Community as a Certified Nursing Assistant. His main responsibilities are caring for the residents and making sure their basic needs are met.
“It takes a real special person to be a CNA, and you learn to treat people with more respect. You need special skills plus generosity and kindness,” Kline said.
Students say they can develop important characteristics that will impact them for the rest of their lives simply from being involved in various working environments.

Source : Hutch News , 24th Jan 2016

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