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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Lady Shri Ram College's first fashion show held in Delhi

You'd think campus fashion is all about cool clothes and a hot attitude. But at this campus fashion show, it became clear that Delhi's 'campus fashion' is clued into more than just that. Campus' social awareness is pretty high, and this reflected in this offbeat fashion show, which raised issues of gender parity, child abuse, LGBT rights et al, and busted a few more stereotypes on the way.

That is also why Lady Shri Ram College's first fashion show was also so aligned with the college's general image. 'There is no black and white, there is only a grey shade of life' - this was the tagline of 'Anarchia', the event that the college's Women's Development Cell (WDC) organized as part of its annual fest, Tarang. Through the costumes they wore on the ramp, students from 7 DU colleges, including LSR, raised these issues in provocative, outrageous, stereotype-busting outfits.

Ishma Mahajan, a second year LSR student who came up with the concept of Anarchia, says, "We have always tried to come up with new concepts. We also started an online campaign called 'BeYoutiful' two weeks before the fest, which became viral within our campus." Manneet Kaur, another member of WDC, LSR, told us, "Usually, fashion shows in college are about exhibiting people's clothes, but through this fashion event, we wanted the participants to tell us who they are and what they believe in."

Campus fashion not just about fashionable outfits

Kamla Bhasin, a feminist activist, and Vikramaditya Sahai, a queer activist, were the judges at the LSR show. Some students dressed up as half-girl, half-boy. "It was an interesting sight - participants walking the ramp as half-man and half-woman. There were physically challenged participants as well. This sort of fashion event hasn't happened at any college fest so far," said Samara Rehman, an LSR student. Ashwini Verma from Shri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce, told us, "Our theme was to represent the LGBT community. Initially, I had problems convincing my friends to enact this topic. Even my teachers were skeptical at first. However, when we started practicing for it, we started believing in the idea."

Source : TOI , 9th Feb 2016

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