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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Beijing to increase home transformations for the disabled

After disabled people in Beijing apply for a home accessibility transformation, professional designers will go into houses and offer them a renovation design, as part of the Implementation Method of Household Accessibility Transformation for the Disabled, to be released this year.
In the past, household accessibility transformation for the disabled was mainly based on project implementation, which caused a discontinuity of time and money. Also, workers of the associations for the handicapped in neighborhoods were often short on professional design and planning. Their transformation work was relatively simple.
"We found that because of the degree of disability and differing family environments, each household needs a different transformation," said Gu Jingrong, who is responsible for this project in the Municipal Disabled Federation.
"For example, in a bathroom, some need the sinks to be lowered, some need anti-skid facilities and some need an armrest on the wall."
Gu also said that in the future, the city would hold a public tender for a design company to carry out scientific and professional design. By then, the disabled individuals will be able to make their demands, which will be later assessed by professional home designers. "We will also hold a public tender for a construction team and a third-party supervision agency to ensure the project quality," Gu said.
In 2015, the city will transform the houses of 6,979 families with disabled people and 1,073 families of the severely physically disabled; 32,000 families of people with hearing impairments will be equipped with visual flashing door bells, which can also serve as fire alarms. It is expected that before the end of the year, Beijing will achieve full coverage for transformations of houses of those with severe disabilities.

Source: This Is Beijing , 15th Jan 2015

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