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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Nerul footpaths may be lowered for senior citizens in Navi Mumbai

The civic body will reduce the height of various foothpaths in sector 19, Nerul to nine inches from that of the road. The decision was taken after residents, especially the senior citizens, complained that they found it difficult to walk on them.

Civic engineers, who have been given the job, said that the footpaths, built by Cidco, had major elevations. "The height of these footpaths was 2.75 feet, hence, most of the residents preferred walking on the road," said the engineer.

He added that the capacity of drainage system under these footpaths was not sufficient, as they have not been repaired for over two decades.

Accordingly, two footpaths, measuring 90m and 75m, are being rebuilt to the standard size. The work to widen the drainage channel has also been undertaken. "A footpath with a height of 2.75 ft didn't serve any purpose," said corporator Netra Shirke.

A total of Rs 10 lakh is being spent on the repairs and additional Rs 10 lakh will be used to widen the gutters.

The 90-m long footpath is situated right at the entrance of the senior citizens recreational centre, built by NMMC. "The footpath is also the access route to the centre, so when we have to go to the centre, it becomes a necessity to climb the footpath, which, for many, is not an easy task. The demand to reduce the height of the footpath was made long back," said senior citizen DN Chapke.

The civic body also plans to build ramps for the physically challenged at both the ends of these two footpaths.

Source: TOI, 23rd Jan 2015

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