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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Blind Korean students receive 3D printed busts of their classmates

**************************************************** Graduates of South Korea's largest school for the blind are given a unique way to remember their fellow students

A 3D printer renders a 3D likeness of one of the students

Pupils with their 3D printed busts

Pupils with their 3D printed busts

A printing company has found a unique way for students at a school for the blind in South Korea to picture each one of their classmates.
Instead of presenting each student at the Seoul National School for the Blind with a photographic yearbook to mark their graduation, this year's graduates received a three-dimensional printed bust of themselves and their classmates.

The names of the eight graduating students were etched in braille on the base of each highly detailed statuette, according to the CNET web site.

Working from images of each of the children, a 3D printer accurately reproduced scale models of the children's features, down to waves in their hair.

The yearbooks were created by 3D TEK, a small printing firm. "Most blind students do not have yearbooks because they cannot see," said 3D TEK in its entry for an international design award.
As well as giving blind students a way to remember their classmates, 3D Tek said the project would help improve the image of 3D printing. The project won a silver medal at South Korea's Ad Stars advertising competition.

Source: Telegraph ( UK ) , 30th Dec 2014

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