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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Promote People with Disabilities in 2015

Are you making a list of New Year’s resolutions for 2015? If so, let us suggest a unique resolution: treat individuals with disabilities as equals.
Look to the sky 300x225 Promote People with Disabilities in 2015

If you are someone who has a disability, you understand why this resolution is important. The disability communities of the world do not usually get the respect they need and deserve from society. This can result in persons with disabilities being deprived of opportunity and social inclusion. Have you experienced this type of prejudice as a person with a disability?

Disability Awareness — A Key To Equality And Inclusion

How can we as individuals treat those with disabilities as equals? We can start by becoming educated about disability and how it affects people. In other words, we can become aware of disability and those it affects. Disability awareness is one of the keys to seeing disability communities included in society and treated respectfully.

Practical Ways To Be Respectful To People With Disabilities

Here are just a few easy ways to practically and effectively communicate value and respect to persons having disabilities:

• “People first” – When speaking (or writing) of someone with a disability, be sure to address the person before the disability. For example, avoid saying, “The epileptic man.” Rather, say, “The man with epilepsy.”

• Make eye contact – “Greet people at their eye level. When talking with a person who uses a wheelchair, it is appropriate to sit or crouch down in order to talk face-to-face.” Making eye contact communicates worth and equality.

• Respect a person’s wheelchair –
Did you know that it is appropriate to treat a person’s wheelchair as you would a part of their body? This implies avoiding touching a wheelchair without asking permission.

Will You Resolve To Treat Individuals With Disabilities As Equals In 2015?

2015 is upon us, and people all over the world are busy deciding on their New Year’s resolutions. Will you resolve to treat those who have physical, mental, emotional, and intellectual restrictions and limitations as equals? We hope so. Have a happy New Year!

Source:  Disability Living, 30th Dc 2014

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