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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Blind man running own auto repair shop - Saudia Arabia

A visually-impaired man has set an example of determination by first working as a mechanic and, most recently, opening his own auto repair shop.

Yousif Ali Ibrahim, who has suffered from vision impairment since birth, employs three workers in his shop.

"Ever since I was a child I have never given in to my disability and have decided to challenge it. I was able to get over the way people treat the blind in society," Ibrahim said.

Ibrahim can fix car tires and change engine oil in addition to a wide variety of tasks he learned when he was an apprentice at a repair shop. He excelled at that position and in a short time decided to go solo and start his own auto repair business.

"I don't have any difficulty at work and lead a normal life. I'm happy and content that I proved to people that blindness is in the heart not the eyes," he said, while adding that creativity and disability are closely related.

"A disabled person either gives in, runs away from society and feels depressed and frustrated or rises and challenges his disability. The former is a weak person who has been defeated by his disability, a person who decided that he is not capable of discovering his inner strength, explore his capabilities and launch them. The latter is the opposite who decided he will not surrender and he will continue to resist and fight until he wins," he added.

Ibrahim said he discovered his inner strength at an early age and worked on developing and honing his skills so that he can compete with people who do not have any disabilities.

"My disability has made me a strong man with a strong personality who can compete with peers in the same job. Our work is not easy and physically demanding," he said.

Ibrahim hopes to expand his business in the near future and judging by his customers' positive feedback, there seem to be few obstacles in his way.

Source: Yahoo News-Maktoob , 1st Jan 2015

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