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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Cell for Person with disabilities @ Central University of Haryana

The Differently-Abled Cell has been established in Central University of Haryana in the academic year 2013 with the aims to facilitate equal opportunities, ensure protection of their rights and create congenial environment for their full participation. The cell works to realize the constitutional dream of equal citizenship for all differently abled persons. The cell formulates and monitors special policies, guidelines, and schemes to ensure enjoyment of equal opportunities for the differently abled persons in all the walks of campus life. The cell endeavours to sensitize the university community to respect and cooperate with the differently abled persons.


  • To provide full participation, total access, economic and social integration of person with disabilities
  • To augment the life of person with disabilities by assisting them to identify and enrich their potentials and goals.
  • To foster self-development and self-reliance of person with disabilities through ICT training and Employability skill.
  • To advocate and empower the person with disabilities for equal opportunities at all levels in education, economic, social, political, cultural and civil spheres.
  • To mainstream and institutionalize Rights of the Differently Abled through sensitization and awareness programmes.
  • To lobby to incorporate the Rights of the person with disabilities in development policies and programmes.
  • To create a platform for the person with disabilities to express their needs and exhibit their potentials.


  • Facilitate admission of person with disabilities in various courses;
  • Provide guidance and counselling to differently abled individuals;
  • Create awareness about the needs of person with disabilities, and other general issues concerning their learning; and
  • Assist differently-abled graduates to gain successful employment in the public as well as private sectors. The special unit may be coordinated by a faculty member to be nominated by the head of the institution.
The cell undertakes programmes to enhance the physical, emotional, mental, technical capabilities of the differently abled person to meet the present and future challenges of their life.

Functions :

  • To develop a university policy to address issues faced by the differently abled persons (for students and employees).
  • Advise the university authority on the formulation of policies, programmes and projects with respect to differently abled persons (for students and employees).
  • Take up the cause of the differently abled persons with concerned authorities, institutes and organizations.
  • Take steps to ensure safe, healthy and barrier free environment in hostels, libraries, academic buildings, administrative buildings, roads, pedestrian ways, canteens, gardens, shopping complex and other public places and utilities.
  • Monitor and evaluate the impact of policies and programmes designed for achieving equality and full participation of the differently abled persons in the university life.
  • To develop and arrange new assistive devices, teaching aids, special teaching materials or such other item as are necessary to give the specially abled students equal opportunity for learning and growing.
  • Supervise and restructuring the curriculum for the requirements and benefit of specially abled students.
  • To monitor the implementation of guidelines for conducting written examination for differently abled persons framed by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Department of Disabilities Affairs.
  • To formulate, review and implement policies for scholarships, economic assistance for the differently abled students.
  • To organize cultural and sports activities for socialization of the differently abled students.
  • To provide counselling to prospective and present students on educational programmes, courses and employment opportunities.

Calendar of Activities

03.12.2014: The International Day for the Differently Abled Persons

Working Group

  • Dr. Sarika Sharma
  • Mr. Rakesh Meena
  • Mr. Paramjeet Singh
  • Mr. Rajesh Bansal
  • Students Member

    Source : Central University of Haryana

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