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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Lalded stages ‘Viklang ki Haalat’ - JAMMU

As part of its Saturday series, Lalded Women Welfare Society today staged a nukked play ‘Viklang ki Haalat’ at Greater Kailash in city outskirts.

Conceived and written by renowned social activist Rampaul Dogra and directed by Naveen Pal, the play shows suffering and pain felt by a handicapped person.

The play opens with a 12-year-old boy namely Sonu felling down from a fruit tree and his back bone gets fractured. He is shifted to hospital but as his spinal card gets damaged and his lower body becomes non-functional. This incident totally shocks all family members and changes the ongoing peaceful atmosphere of the family.

Initially, every member shows love and affection towards him and promises to support him life-long. As all brothers, get married, they set their houses separate and the required support to the handicapped reduces to minimum level.

After some time, he also loses the shadow of his father who used to look after him. Now he is totally dependent on his old aged mother. Days are fully dark, life is bed ridden and support is zero. His life becomes hell and he cries for help… Koi hai.. Koi hai…..

Meanwhile, his close relatives reach there to enquire about his well being and say that such case deserves help physical and financial also and people residing around must help generously on humanitarian ground. He says his brothers should come forward to save the life of brother.

The artists who performed in the play were Rampaul Dogra, Naveen Pal, Santosh Basotra, Anju Sanotra and others. 

Source : Daily Excelsior, 17th Oct 2015

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