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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Medical aid available on subsidy, says DSSO - Bhatinda

Under various schemes of the Government of India, physically challenged people are being provided with motorised tri-cycles and hearing aid machines on subsidy.  Giving information here today, District Social Security Officer (DSSO) Naveen Gadhwal said the Government of India had got a motorised tri-cycle made whose cost is Rs 35,000. There is Rs 25,000 subsidy on the vehicle, while the beneficiary has to pay Rs 10,000 or the same cost can also be paid through the funds of area MP or MLA. 

He added that the beneficiary for this tri-cycle should be of more than 16 years of age and should be 80 percent handicapped. The monthly income of applicants’ parents should not be more than Rs 15,000 and a beneficiary can avail this benefit once in 10 years.

He added that those children, who cannot hear, can also get the hearing aid (cochlear implants) fixed. The cost of cochlear implant is Rs 6 lakh, including the cost of operation, which the government bears. In Punjab, Guru Gobind Singh Medical College Faridkot, PGI Chandigarh and Government Hospital and Medical College Sector 32 Chandigarh are the only hospitals empanelled to conduct these operations. He said that the age of beneficiary should be at least 5 years.

The beneficiay’s parents’ income should not be less than Rs 15,000 and if the income is between Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 then the government would pay Rs 1 lakh subsidy, while the remaining Rs 3 lakh would be paid by the beneficiary’s parents. The certificate verifying the beneficiary’s inability to speak should also be attached herewith. Gadhwal added that for more information people can contact concerned CDPO, BDPO and DSSO or call up at number 0164-2211480.

Source : Tribune India , 10th Oct 2015 

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