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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Nominate commuter’s act of bravery for WR’s Good Samaritan award : MUMBAI

Commuters can nominate an act of bravery or selfless deed by fellow travellers on Western Railway, which will institute a Good Samaritan award every month. The award will be introduced from November and three heroes will be felicitated.

WR chief public relations officer Sharat Chandrayan said, "It is not only an award but a recognition of such acts of humanity and bravery. It will recognize good deeds of people towards fellow commuters, and encourage and motivate others to help the needy."

A five-member panel of judges consisting of heads/representatives of NGOs and others will be constituted. 

Tushar Gogri, managing director of TG Connect, which has designed the awards, said, "For a city that witnesses an average of nine deaths every day on the suburban rail network, the initiative is aimed at encouraging commuters to help each other and reduce fatal incidents."

WR said the awards will recognize heroic deeds of commuters in incidents related to accidental falls, eve-teasing, harassment and help meted out to senior citizens and physically challenged commuters.

The awards and heroic acts will be announced periodically on WR's public announcement service on trains.

Details of the incident and two witnesses will have to be sent as text messages to 56161. The nominations will be collated and presented to the panel. Gogri said, "The panel will comprise eminent heads of Mumbai-based social organisations and a senior railway official. The Good Samaritans will be felicitated at Churchgate or a local station frequented by the awardee."

The award will constitute a medal and a certificate that will be handed over as part of a brief felicitation.

Commuters have welcomed the initiative. Mira Road resident Ashok Shah said, "It is a nice way to recognised the effort of selfless citizens. I hope only genuine people get nominated or else the exercise will become a farce." 

Source : TOI , 13th Oct 2015

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