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Thursday, 22 October 2015

This 75 Year Old Mother Takes Care of Her Physically Challenged Son And Also Runs The Family!

In Jaipur, 75-year-old lady Ratani Devi lives with her 80-year-old husband and with their physically challenged son Tilak. The vision of the husband has been faded so he can’t work. 


This old woman’s house is full of darkness as she even could not afford electricity. The get their old age pension of Rs. 1750 to survive, but that also has been stopped for some unknown reasons.

They ask the postman every day if they have got the pension, but he responds the same way every time- that he did not receive anything for them. Her husband is the head, wake up early in the morning and cooks for the family. In night time, he can’t see anything so he couldn’t do anything other than sitting in one place. His sickness has forced him to stay back at home.

Her son Tilak can’t help them anyway as he is disabled and keeps crying loud when both of them are not around.

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Source : The Indian Page, 21st Oct 2015

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