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Thursday, 22 October 2015

How can you use vegetables to defend yourself? This Malleswaram resident has the answers

S Abhishek, 34, organises workshops to train people in survival tactics as a part of his 'STOP IT' initiative

S Abhishek, 34, organises workshops to train people in survival tactics as a part of his 'STOP IT' initiative

For the past 13 years S Abhishek, 34, has been organising workshops to train people in combat-survival-protection, threat destruction and empowerment as a part of his ‘STOP IT' initiative.  

With the rise in crime rates in Bangalore, the Malleswaram resident feels that every individual should know how to safeguard themselves. He said, "Being a passionate social-worker and coach I always thought about creating something that people can use for their survival. I realised that 99% of martial arts classes were teaching movements that were not practical and simply fancy so I felt the need for an initiative that would make life and society better."

Abhishek has also been awarded with the National Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development (NFED) for his work in teaching people survival and empowering techniques. Thousands of people have been trained so far on ways to protect themselves during an attack.

Talking about the programme, he explained, “STOP IT is based on real life situations and the ways to counter them.”

Using shampoo packets for self defense

Abhishek shared that he teaches his students to learn to fight and protect themselves using notes, biscuit and shampoo packets, lip-sticks, eye-liners and even vegetables. He added, “Things that you cannot even imagine about using during an emergency and can seriously injure any attacker and help you survive."

He has been taking workshops for all sections of the society including women, children, senior citizens, physically challenged and even police personnel.

"I have done several sessions with women across Karnataka and I have got a huge response from all of them. There were women who came to me with tears in their eyes and told me that they can now survive. That is the time that I felt that my research was successful."

Source : I am in DNA of Bangalore North , 21st Oct 2015

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