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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Dr Arvinder’s 5-mins video can inspire you for lifetime

How our intelligence and intellect can overpower the self imposed boundations which become obstacles in our success. Dr Arvinder Singh CMD & CEO, Arth Diagnostics & Raahat Hospitals also serves as Chairman, Panacea Education Society has very well explained the role and usage of two naturally gifted attributes of human beings – Intelligence and Intellectin his 5 minutes video on youtube. Dr. Arvinder is also recently nominated for Open TED Community at International Forum.


In the video, Dr Arvinder Singh, who is physically challenged due to polio, explains how he overcame his physical disability through his intelligence and intellect and started focusing on things which he can do rather on things which he cannot do.

Obtaining qualifications like MD, MBBS and MBA, Dr Arvinder has also obtained gold medal from IIM Indore.

Source : Udaipur Times , 18th Oct 2015 

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